Monday, August 31, 2015

GERU - The Spreadsheet has Evolved

I love tools that help me in my business. My dad who has been a pastor for almost 50 years used a typewriter at first. I can remember him sitting at his desk, typing on it, every now and then he would have to stop and do something with the ribbons so that it would work again. In high school I learned how to type on an electric typewriter. One of those that had a tiny one line screen. When I was a senior in high school we got three TRS-80's.

GERU is a software tool that takes the spreadsheet to its next level. You type in stats from your business (sales, sources, expenses, etc), and even then the data is pretty good. It is when you begin to input 'what if's' into the mix that it really begins to shine. What would happen if we added $500 to advertising in Facebook, or added a new employee, or cut our hosting bill in half...or all three.

I suggest you check out the complete GERU Review and Bonuses. I highly recommend this tool, you'll have to let me know how much more money you make!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Time Flies.... Are you having fun?

I know it's been quite a while since I've posted and a whole lot of things have been happening. Our first post was here in April of 2004 - or a little more than 11 years ago.

When I made that post my daughter was 7 and had just started second grade.

Now she is 18 and has started college.

I hope to start posting here more frequently and it will be a variety of different things from home, our business and life in general. I hope you spend some time this week to enjoy your family, because in case you haven't noticed the years fly by!