Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Remember a while back I asked you to create an account for Google Ad Sense - divide your site into 4 or 5 sections - If you have 20 pages on your site - then it would be four pages to work on each day.

Now take the snippet of code and add them to your site - does the content for the ad reflect what you're optimizing the pages for. If not then ....

1) Tweak the title tag.
2) Add content to the page.
3) Tweak the product descriptions / names on the page.
4) Tweak the other meta tags.

Upload the page changes.

Refresh the page - does it reflect what you want now in the ads - if not tweak some more. If so delete the ads and go to the next page. Work on every page of your site. This will be your project for this week.

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