Monday, June 26, 2006

We had a few days off and took a trip to Lexington - on Friday we decided to watch a movie which I rarely do (at the theater anyway). The movie we watched was great - I'll take a bit about "Cars" later this week - but the experience was something to be desired. I think I'm beginning to understand why the movie industry is in the duldrums. To me going to the theater should be a unique experience. These days many people have the big screen TV's, and surround sound systems that sound nearly as good as when you go to the movies.... and you don't have to battle the crowds, interruptions while watching the movie.... or watch commercials at the beginning of the movie along with a hundred previews.

I'm sure they added commercials because the movie folks wanted to earn a buck or two more, but don't they realize that this is one of the reasons we stay at home - so we can not have to deal with advertising....

It was a good thing that the movie we went to see made up for things - I can now however more fully understand why fewer people are going. What I think they should do and will do is release movies both at the theater and maybe on a premium DVD version. Or maybe the theaters can clean up their act and try to make the experience something to remember... anyhoo just some thoughts.

Applying to your business - how can you make your customers experience better. I bet if you took some time today you could think of a couple ways to do this. Think on it and I'll give you another example tomorrow.

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