Friday, August 03, 2007

Last weekend we had a good adventure ... as you probably know by now I enjoy adventures. The goal of our trip to Lexington was school shopping for Haley. I heard or read something that made me chuckle. Why do people go school shopping, do all of their clothes magically disappear when they go to school or do they all suddenly not fit. I guess it is a coup for the marketing folks that we think we need to buy new clothes every fall.

Anyway the trip was enjoyable. I got a bit of work done and the Mac is performing beautifully. I did get parallels desktop for Mac. It does work well, some of the programs actually seem to work faster than on my 'main' computer.

I will say that Saturday we shopped for clothes for about 8 hours. I really don't see how someone could look at the same styles over and over. It also amazes me how a shirt in one shop is $40 and in another it is $10, and in a 3rd it is $60 but half off. It would be fun to do a marketing test and find out which one someone would buy if they had all three choices in one spot.

The hotel we stayed in was the comfort suites. It was kind of weird but our door lock (you know the one's that you slide the card in) malfunctioned. I didn't know that those locks took batteries. The lock ended up being kaput so we got a night for free...

On Sunday we watched Harry Potter and I say it was a great movie - I still need to read the last two books. Hopefully your weekend will be enjoyable. We have a birthday party at the skating rink and besides that playing some catch up.

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