Monday, July 09, 2007

Wow June flew by and July is already 1/3 of the way gone... I guess that time flys when you are having fun. This week we'll work on catching up with some good info that has been piling up in our inbox.

Today a review of our travels -

During the first part of June we traveled to Myrtle Beach and stayed in a condo we've rented for the past several years. The weather this year was wonderful - it only rained a day. At night it was actually chilly enough to wear a light jacket. I was talking to the condo rental folks and it seems like the market for condos is getting a bit full, so if you have some flexibility in your travel you may want call a week or two before you go and ask for specials or bargains. Another thing I've seen done is rent a cheap condo then when you get there ask them have there been any cancellations. Someone I know saved about $600 for the week.

Then we had vacation Bible school for a week - I taught the preschoolers and we had a blast.

Then we ventured north to Indiana for some work and a wedding. Again we had a wonderful time. At the wedding reception I talked Lisa and Haley into dancing with me and we all had a blast (and were a bit sore the next day).

Hopefully you are having a wonderful Summer.

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