Friday, September 14, 2007

Today is fun Friday but it also comes with a lesson.

My daughter like millions of other tweens and teens loves Hannah Montana. She is going on a concert tour in the fall. I decided that I would surprise her and try to get tickets for a concert in Lexington on December the 12th. As I was doing my research I found that tickets weren't yet on sale for the concert there but you could buy pre-sale tickets if you were in her fan club. So I venture to her fan club and find out that to join you have to pay $30 for the year... of course I join but I find after I joined I find out that the pre-sale tickets are sold out. I wonder how many thousands / hundreds of thousands of folks have joined the 'club' because of the tickets.

I found out later from Haley that in her latest CD had been an offer for a free month in the club.

Some superb marketing if you ask me, and yes I'll be poised on the ticket master site on Sat. and hopefully I'll get a ticket (wish me luck).

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