Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter Tips - 3 - How and What to Post

1. Figure out a goal for how many times you want to post in a month. Say that number is 100, then you're going to have to post about 3 times a day. So what do you post?

- A Retweet - this is tweeting another persons tweet that you like. Setup for that is RT @whoeversentit their message. When you retweet the message they may even say thanks.

- A News message - sending a link for something cool that you've seen online.

- A informative message - information you find useful - someone that follows you is bound to find it useful too.

- Answering a question - people have questions all the time, if you know the answer then add your comment.

- A What I'm Doing now message - just what it says.

- A sales pitch

When tweeting you want to use a variety of these types of messages - use the sales pitch very sparingly. If you're following people that you like, how do they post, what types of post are they making during the day.

More next week, till then have a wonderful weekend.

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