Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So you've broken down your goals into smaller bites - now what do you do with those bites.

Now you need to create an action plan. Let's say you have a goal to save $20.00 a day or $100.00 a week. List five or so ways you can achieve this. Saving is all about either making more or spending less. So you could perhaps do the following.

1) Save loose change in a jar - $5.00 / week.
2) Eat the value meal for lunch - $10.00 / week.
3) Eat out only once a week instead of three times - $40.00 / week.
4) Plan grocery shopping - coupons / buy in bulk / track sales etc. $20.00 week.
5) Review expenses - do I really need all those things on the phone / 3 cell phones etc. $25.00 week.

Make sure to put the money you save in the bank.

Tomorrow we'll talk more about numbers.


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