Tuesday, March 01, 2005

You have your long range goals - now we're going to work on turning the mountains into molehills.

Lets say for instance that you have this long range goal.

I will double my business in five years.

Currently let's say you're doing $100,000.00.
So in five years your goal would be $200,000.00
Each year you would need to increase your business by $20,000.00.

So the first year you would need about $2300.00 / week in sales.
Year 2 - $2700.00
Year 3 - $3100.00
Year 4 - $3500.00
Year 5 - $3850.00

Say your goal was to save $50,000.00 in five years.

(Not counting your interest ) That would be $10,000 / year - $193.00 / week or $38.50 / day (just the work days of the week).

Breaking the goals down will make them much more doable.
Tomorrow we'll start talking about the doing.


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