Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hopefully you had a chance to do yesterdays task.

This weekend do the following :

Get 5 - 10 volunteers to visit your website while you're watching them (not all at the same time of course).

Ask them to:

1) Order a specific product.
2) Contact you with an email.
3) Tell you what your normal shipping time is.
4) Order 3 additional products.
5) Ask them to sign up for your newsletter.

How did they do?

If you notice that all of your test subjects struggle with a certain task - you may want to think about making that task easier. Things that may be super simple to you - may be extremely difficult to someone visiting your site. Ask them for input on things they found hard, ways that you could improve your site.

For tomorrow - download and read the following .pdf on search engine optimization.

We'll discuss this in depth starting next week.

So make sure you save it somewhere.

See you Monday. Don't forget to HUG your Mom this weekend.

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