Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So what can we learn from that patent application -

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We'll just be adding our comments to the discussion -

Document Age:

First - think for a moment - which page do you think should rank higher.

1) A page that has been online a week.
2) A page that has been online for three years.

Note that I didn't say changed last week - but has been online a week.

Google obviously likes fresh / content. I agree with the article that probably in instances where newer topics are discussed that fresher pages may prevail -- but if your optimizing for fishing lures then older - fresh pages are key.

So take away things -

1) Old pages can be made fresh with content updates and getting fresh links to them from other sites. If you're still getting all the links to your home page it's time to mix things up.
2) If you redesign your site it is now even more important to keep the structure.

We'll talk more about the patent tomorrow.

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