Tuesday, June 21, 2005

First some informative threads on the Bourbon update -


The main thing I believe that Google did on this update was to remove things with duplicate content. You can find sites that may have your content by going here -


So what steps can you take -

1) Offers to provide you with "content" should be taken with a grain of salt - if they are sending it to you , then they will be sending it to hundreds of other folks as well.

2) If you write an article that is going to be an optimization page - put it on only one page - you may link to it from other pages, but don't send it out to others.

3) If you are sending it to others then realize the page won't be ranked well - but again put it on only one page within your sites.

4) If you have duplicate content within your sites work on making only one instance of the content - link that content from other places if you wish - delete the page where the dups were at.

Have a great day.

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