Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We continue with some clues from the patent -

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Traffic, Clicks and User data -

Quote -
The patent implies that Google is tracking not just how many clicks a search result is getting, but also what kind of traffic is going to the page in question. Higher relevance is awarded to pages that are accessed through browser bookmarks, for instance, since those pages are assumed to be more valuable to searchers.
End Quote -


1. Make sure your site is interesting.
2. Make sure your let your visitor know that you make changes - so it is important to bookmark your site.
3. Give them instructions on how to book mark it.
4. Offer useful / relavent information besides just trying to sell something - such as....

Your selling jewelry - give them some useful tips on how to keep it clean, how to get it appraised, tips on storing it etc. The more useful information you give them the more likely they will be to bookmark it.

More info tomorrow.

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