Friday, January 12, 2007

Another Fun Friday....

We continue to enjoy the wii - one thing that you're able to do is take a test that estimates your age. You do several different tasks, hit a baseball, bowl different setups of pins etc. Based on how well you do. When I started my estimated age was 70. A week or so later my estimated age is now 30 or so. My goal is to become a teen ager again.

I am a huge fan of 24 and got the Season 5 dvd set as a Christmas present. I've almost managed to make it through them and definitely have enjoyed it almost as much as the first time through. The 24 season starts again on Sunday... this season I think I'm going to track things like how many times Jack gets knocked down. I haven't sneaked a peak at the Season 6 prequel yet, but I've heard it is good.

We're going to get socked here with lots of rain over the weekend so it may be a good time to start a good book. Till Monday take some time to play this weekend.

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