Friday, January 11, 2008

The most fun so far we've had with things we've gotten from the Holidays is our Xbox and particularly the game "Rock Band" - the cool thing about this is that 4 people get to jam. Two guitars, the drums, and a singer. The whole family has enjoyed this quite a bit. It does take some time get the 'feel' of things, and it may sound hard but its really not. One of the coolest features is if someone is not as good as the rest of the band they can be rescued and everyone can set their own individual level... but one note to progress your band you'll have to play things on a higher difficulty than "Easy". So far we have about 20 bands in various stages... the good thing is that it has some good tunes and although we haven't done it yet, you can download additional tunes from the internet.

Enjoy your weekend.

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