Friday, February 01, 2008

Hope you are enjoying your Friday. I'm a big snow lover so I'm jealous of you folks north of us.. there is snow all around us except for south and we get nothing.

Today a little off beat with the fun. I've started to try to get in a little better shape (as well as Lisa and Haley). So I got them a "Total Gym" - they have been loving it so far, I haven't really tried it yet as I'm easing into some tread mill walking first. One thing there were a couple of things wrong with it when we got it but the company sent us some replacement parts pretty quick.

Lost is finally back on - I did get the Lost 3rd season DVD but the 'extras' to me anyway weren't that great. It was great to review things... I had planned on watching Season 1 and 2 but time got away from me.

We are also in the process of shopping for a puppy so wish us well that we'll get one half as good as Schotzi.

Enjoy your weekend.

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