Friday, February 15, 2008

The lucky 700th post - and I do mean lucky. Some of you know - but for those of you that don't we live in the boonies. I have no real complaints with living in the middle of no where - since I don't have to drive to work (and really I can work anywhere) it is no big deal. In fact there are some benefits to it. The only draw back (until now) was that the only internet access we could get was dial up... and pretty crappy dial up at that (we're talking 33k here on a good day). Yesterday we got cable internet access. To say that I'm pleased would be like saying that ice cream is yummy. I don't think I've really grasped the full effect yet, but I will be having a whole lot more fun on World of Warcraft and I know that my work will go much faster (because that has already happened) and I need to make this post short :o) - UPS just dropped off my router. I know, I know I'm like a little boy at Christmas.

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