Friday, February 29, 2008

Hope your Friday is going well. The dog is doing well... his name is Sawyer ... and he is pretty smart. The drive to get him last Sunday was adventurous. Some of the trip was on a one lane gravel road along the ridge of a mountain, with big, steep, valleys on both sides. The trip was definitely worth it as he is a very welcome addition to our house. He is probably 95% or so potty trained now which is a huge plus. I'll work on getting some pictures and maybe even a video up by next Friday.

I beta tested "Dofus" a game that I think comes originally from Spain. Maybe I've been spoiled, or maybe it gets much better after the first few levels but it is really, really boring to me. You can still check it out though if you're so inclined by going here.

I also think we're all in the process of getting the flu here, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and have a wonderful weekend.

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