Monday, December 12, 2005

Hope you enjoyed your weekend - we had a pretty good weekend more on that in a bit - first some posts from the weekend.

A nice way to get out of the sandbox from Google -

I watched two excellent football games on Sunday and it got me to thinking that I probably hadn't shared with you a good (cheap) way to promote your site and bring more traffic... which in turn brings more sales. It does take some work and some money - so if either of these are in short supply for you then you may not want check out the blog in a week or two.

To help learn about the concept you need to do a little work - tonight watch the first quarter of Monday night football. Even if you don't like football one quarter shouldn't be too much for you to wade through. As you watch the game write down all the commercials that you see - as well as any advertisements you may see. Even if your audience would hate football just bear with me. We'll talk some about those commercials tomorrow.

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