Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So the commercials I found were -

Pre Game -

Fed Ex
Ford F 150 BCS
Comcast HDTV

1st Quarter
Budlight / Venus
King Kong
Cardiezem HBP
Home Depot - Elf
Nissan Z
Best Buy (Games)
According to Jim
Dominos 5 buck deal
Nissan Frontier - shift offroad
Diet Pepsi - Vending Machine
Hope and Faith - Christmas Freak
Nissan Frontier - compact trucks
Michelob Ultra
Subway - Chicken Bacon Ranch
Auto Tape - Black and Decker
Phillips - sense and sensability
In Justice
Subway - Chicken and Bacon
Visa Check Card

So what do those commercials have to do with anything - these people spend huge amounts of money on their campaigns - I have found though that many don't branch out to the web. Let's face it, many people watch TV and surf. What stops them from searching Google for some keywords they find in ads. Using the commercials above try and find some searches where there are no Adwords - don't worry if it's not your niche - just use if for practice. I'll give you my results tomorrow.

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