Thursday, December 15, 2005

So did you come up with something you could use -

First an example of some good marketing - If you search for Auto Tape Measure in Google -

Who do you see at the top of the list.... Black and Decker - excellent marketing. So what you want to find is someone that isn't doing it.

What do you get if you search for home depot elf... one result. If you had something related to hardware / gifts for me you could plug your ad in there and get some unexpected traffic.

If you search for Bud Light Venus - there are no results in the ad box - so probably for ten cents or so a click you could drive some traffic.

Hopefully this gets some creative juices flowing. The main thing is to think of things for your target market - and it doesn't have to be commercials it can be topics within a show. If it is a show topic you need to try and get the ads setup the day of the show. People have very short memories. Commercials usually run more than once.

Stuff you can use -

Tax time is coming soon - check this article out.

Speaking of taxes this site gives some good info on mileage deductions.

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